My songs are written in a time when signs of fundamental changes are appearing, even though our world has long since become a different one without us really noticing it. A flood of technical innovations has already begun and thus initiated an extreme social change. The future is pulling at our present.

These transformations change the way we love, feel, think and experience the world. Our relationships with each other change and even our view of ourselves becomes different. How this new world forms us is a central theme of my songs. They are mirrors of time and I hope that sometimes they are the lights in a dark night and sometimes they are the stage on which we celebrate and dance.

Born in Heidelberg, I am surrounded by psychology and philosophy. I do pirouettes with a Bolshoi dancer and dance Hip-Hop.

I sang in the opera of my city, not as a girl, but as a boy according to the notes of Amadeus. I work together with rappers and songwriters because I felt more and more trapped in the classical world.

Pop music gives me the freedom in my songs to express my thoughts with words, melodies and sounds the way I feel them.

I draw my inspiration from various areas of life and often find it in other art forms: music, film, dance, painting, etc.

I started studying at the university.

I'm a singer, songwriter. I am Kel X.